Monday, May 4, 2009

You Know You are a Liberal

You believe that a man should be judged by the content of his character, not by the color of his skinYou support affirmative action
Believe that war is not the answerbut won't tell us how many rounds of Kumbaya it will take to get Al Quada recruits to become peace loving humanists
Believe that education and economic opportunities in the third world is all that is needed to defeat Islamic fundamentalismIgnore the fact that the 9/11 hijackers were well off, exposed to Western ideas, and college educated.
You love to talk about America's support for authoritarian in countries like Chile and Guatemalabut have no problem with third world despots from the left like Fidel Castro
Hate factory farms, buy organic, protest against genetically modified organisms, and don't like milk from cows that got rBGHClaim to want to feed the world and ignore the fact that without the technologies you protest we'd have mass starvation.
Enjoy criticizing America for all its failingsNever compare it to North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Russia, or any of the countries that don't measure up
You object to big corporations sending jobs to overseas sweatshops because it costs our jobs and depresses wagesWant to ease immigration laws as if that won't depress wages
Object to capitalism because it's not equitableIgnore the fact that it is far and away the most productive system ever used by man
Hate when conservatives ignore science and back abstinence only education, creationism, and oppose stem cell researchTreat your diseases with herbs because they are natural instead of scientifically tested pharmaceuticals. Supplements are untested and unregulated.

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